The school offers NCERT syllabus approved by CBSE. We have classes from Nursery to XI with streams Science and Commerce. Vocational subject shall also be part of the school education to develop entrepreneurship in the students. The institution is being affiliated to CBSE and we have planned to proceed for international affiliation also. The entire Academic system is coordinated and supervised by the well qualified Principal and a team of educationists. The size of a class is limited to ensure a high-level of student-teacher interaction.

Delhi Public Elementary School

Senior Section

The Senior Section of School, from Class 6th to 11th ( Science and Commerce) currently, is an area of extreme importance as the foundation knowledge acquired in earlier classes is put in functional use in these classes. The teaching staff of School is from various parts of India and these chosen ones are selected based on not just their qualifications but also by their level of interest in teaching. Teaching staff is constantly encouraged to develop and implement newer and interesting modes of teaching than continuing with routine and monotonous ways.

Student-Teacher ratio is kept at a minimum to ensure adequate attention to every student and none go unattended even on a daily basis. Regular feedback is shared with families of these kids on various development parameters without burdening parents with unreasonable demands. The goal is to develop the kid’s intrinsic positive attributes not by pressurizing but by encouraging and engaging.

Junior Section

The Junior Section of School, comprising Classes Nursery to 5th, not only in appearance look in sync with the age and preferences of a young kid but also utilizes the teaching methodology most appropriate for the age and aptitude of kids of this age. As established, a child of this age is most receptive to events occurring in the immediate environment. Utilizing this fact with help of educational toys and activities, the kids are exposed to complex for age phenomenon in a manner which is both easy to understand and register. All teachers of junior section are trained in Montessori method of teaching, which is considered the most ideal way of teaching little kids. Latest modes of learning, closely linked with child psychology, make it a unique and joyful experience for kids.

Pre Primary Education

A centre for activity based teaching

School follows special syllabus designed by the experts ON Pre-primary education. This system stresses activity oriented teaching instead of teacher based teaching, which has been proven to develop all five senses (i.e. Touch, Smell, See, Taste, Hear) of young children. Senses are the gateways of Knowledge. Well equipped Nursery hall with equipments is provided to aid this section.

Special emphasis is given on the development of the student by designing the syllabus with the concentration of

  • Development of small ,large and finer muscles and their co-ordination
  • Development of language through listening and using language expression
  • Development of social skills
  • Development of concepts required for formal schooling
  • Experience with animal life
  • Experience with plant life
  • Health Hygiene and body care
  • Concept of personal safety
  • Creativity and aesthetic development
  • Special physical education program
  • Moral development to imbibe strong values