We empower every child and discover his own self and pursue his interests. Our vision is best substantiated by our core value “My Interest My Way”. Our teachers tell our students where to look but do not tell them what to see. We want every child to become what he actually wants to become and for that we provide extensive facilities and services.

The School is conceived with the objective of providing environment and unmatched Teaching Learning resources (infrastructure) for integral education, that gives every student of the school the complete opportunity to develop his hidden talent during the process of growing up.

Delhi Public Elementary School


Delhi Public Elementary School is based on the philosophy that education and educationists owe a lot to their motherland. Every student is deeply motivated and strives with full zest to make the country proud.

School system

The well-defined objective of the Delhi Public Elementary School shall be achieved by providing the school environment different from traditional approach of schooling which shall differentiate the school as “an unique learning school beyond Academics” to prepare the learner as a lifelong learner. The unique system of Delhi Public Elementary School shall develop the capacity of the learner to “use the skills of learning to learn more effectively”.

At the end of senior secondary education our students shall have:

  • Developed competence in literacy and spoken language skills which shall allow them to participate effectively as young adults in the society
  • Developed Mathematical skills that shall enable them to function effectively in daily life as well in the technological world
  • Experience of various artistic ,intellectual and practical activities which shall allow them to apply aesthetic judgments in every day life.
  • Acquired the necessary knowledge skills and attitudes to make wise and safe choices in relation to their health and well- being.
  • Have formative experiences in moral and religious education
  • Developed competence in scientific enquiry and practical skills including computer literacy to enable them to use critical and creative thinking and to solve problem.
  • Acquired knowledge and appreciation of their social and cultural heritage ,and environment .
  • Gained an understanding of how people interact with the environment ,the management of resources and the importance of sustainable development for human survival.
  • Acquired an understanding and appreciation of the central concepts of responsible citizenship.
  • Developed the capacity to become entrepreneur with the object to serve the society and not the individual.

At the end of pre-school education the emphasis shall be on the following objectives: