Uniquely built,

thoughtfully implemented.

Delhi Public Elementary School facilities are built keeping the people using them in mind. The grand 7-acre campus of School at Sanwer Road, Indore, is a result of intricate planning needed for an area intended to be frequented by kids of heightened energy levels and curious minds.Special emphasis is given on making the campus safe, secured and to a great extent isolated from city pandemonium.

Teacher Student Ratio

Keeping in line with international standards the number of students in each class is maintained at 30 to provide optimum learning environment for students. The Teacher Student ratio in the school is 1:15. In Order to achieve the optimum results maximum strength in the classes is as under:

per class
I to V
per class
per class

Teaching Fraternity :

We recruit highly competent teachers who are enthusiastic, talented, qualified as per the CBSE norms. Besides academic qualification, teachers with positive approach towards life and passion for education are appointed. Staff is well qualified, talented and as per CBSE norms.

Paced Teaching :

Our faculty is trained to pace the teaching according to the abilities of individual students. Fast learners are provided opportunities to either deepen the subject knowledge or develop other talents. Similarly slow learners are provided special classes in specific subjects. Our school program is supported by individual counseling by well qualified staff for faster growth of the students. Children with learning difficulties are our special endeavor in the campus.

Value Based Education :

Special attention has been accorded to create an environment in the school to develop positive character traits like honesty, respect, discipline, sympathy, among the students. Moral education is an integrated part of school curriculum. Vast variety of curricular and co-curricular activities is organized to help develop right social values in students.

Motivational Speeches :

Motivational speeches by reputed citizens are organized regularly, which will not only provide role models for students to follow but will also help them to develop correct moral values and help them to choose right path for the life.

Social Service :

To encourage social responsibilities in the students, school organizes various activities which inculcate social service habit in students.

Teacher Guardian :

To develop a lifelong relationship between a teacher, student and parents, every student is provided a teacher guardian. Teacher guardian acts as a mentor, guide and confidential for student. They pay regular home visits to students to develop a lifelong relationship with parents and also discuss student’s progress.

Activity Based Teaching :

To develop practical knowledge of subjects, Project way of teaching is used for classroom teaching which encourages learning through projects, field trips and outdoor activities. In Pre –primary section special focus is given to ensure that students get enough activity along with creating classrooms conducive to activity based learning.

Yoga and Meditation :

To improve concentration of students, well equipped hall is provided for Yoga and meditation, where students can practice yoga and meditation under the guidance of well trained teachers.

Computer Education :

Computers are going to play a significant role in the future and our students need to be made computer literate to benefit from these new opportunities. To promote computer literacy, students are exposed to computers from nursery onwards. Every student of the school is given training in computers to up date their knowledge. The students are made aware of the latest digital technology and its application.

Multimedia Education :

To make learning exciting, enjoyable and stimulating multimedia resources are used extensively. Stories on multimedia, games, musical rhymes, poem etc are regular for the Pre-primary classes. Educational programs are also arranged in our audio visual hall through LCD and Digital projectors.

Discipline :

The philosophy of the school rests on shaping responsible children, hence emphasis is on self-discipline. There is no corporal punishment at The School. Children are encouraged to analyze and correct their own behavior, through a carefully evolved participatory discipline policy. Discipline guidelines are framed with student participation to ensure emotional and physical safety of the children and also nurture their sense of values. Value education at The School is regular part of school curriculum.

Counselling :

Remedial Education

The counseling program also ensures equal opportunities for all students to participate fully in the education process. Learning difficulties, if any, are identified. There is a special Resource Room, with facilities for remedial teaching, for children identified with such difficulties. The school has a comprehensive well defined counseling program which promotes and enhances student learning and contributes towards making them confident, caring and responsible individuals.

The professional counselors at The School also guide students, staff and families through a variety of activities.

Language Development Program

At The School special emphasis is given on the Language skill development of the students. We believe that, it is absolutely essential to learn at least two languages one is foreign language and second is our National language Hindi, both these languages play very important role in the development of communicational skills of an individual. A well designed program for language development at The School is supervised by a team of skilled staff. Special language Labs shall be made available for effective learning.