Pre Primary


We offer our students a creative, stimulating and nurturing environment to ensure their academic and personal development. They are encouraged to explore, investigate and relish the intrinsic joy of learning. The teachers shape the curriculum to develop the student’s capacity to observe, experiment, think and question.

At Pre –Primary, we formulate the curriculum according to the basic principles of “Children Development” and “Children’s Learning”. Promoting their varied aspect of the development of the young children i.e. Physical and Motor, Language, Cognitive, Socio-emotional and Aesthetic appreciation through the latest teaching methodology (Early Childhood Education).

  • We are teaching the children based on a comprehensions of activities both Montessori method as well as Play way method.
  • A diversified learning environment that provides sufficient learning opportunities facilitates children to develop their “Multiple Intelligence”.
  • Foster the holistic development of the young students through play, activities, drama, sports, music, educational trip and meaningful life experiences.
  • Nurturing the potential and talent of each child.

Primary School


We provide a conceptual learning environment in order to build a strong foundation for the students. Our curriculum helps our students to not only acquire knowledge in the core subjects but also creative, communicative, critical and collaborative skills with a focus on sound values and positive attitudes.

  • A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various interactive sessions and activities.
  • An extensive use of technology labs aids (Smart Classes) and language to supplement classroom teaching.
  • Project works, Group Discussion in class, calls for mass.
  • Field trips and excursions make learning fun.
  • Use of Newspaper Articles, Quiz, Brain Teasers and other learning tools enhance general awareness.

Middle School


The focus of this programme is on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of students through comprehensive and innovative learning activities. The students learn to question, investigate and think independently. Our curriculum provides and promotes an environment based on developmental readiness, needs and interests.

Senior School


In this programme, we ensure that our students develop resilience, confidence and maturity before they step into the outside world. The concepts in different disciplines are dealt with diligence and rigour. We assist our students in identifying their areas of strength to help them pursue a programme that is best aligned with their long-term goals.

Gurukul Integration Program


We have started with the very unique initiative of Gurukul Integration program in our school campus in which we are focusing on the preparation of 18 National Level Examination that the students can appear after grade XII which includes the major renowned institutions of India Like JNU, DU, SAT etc. along with the students will get training for the challenges that they have to face after graduation. The entire content of the program is developed by our dedicated and qualified team…Click to know more!