Uniquely Built


Delhi Public Elementary School facilities are built keeping the people using them in mind. The grand 7-acre campus of School at Sanwer Road, Indore, is a result of intricate planning needed for an area intended to be frequented by kids of heightened energy levels and curious minds. Special emphasis is given to making the campus safe, secured and to a great extent isolated from city pandemonium. The infrastructural highlights are,

  • Future-ready building based on guidelines from CBSE International.
  • Child-friendly designing, planning, and landscaping.
  • Infirmary to handle any emergency.
  • Age-adjusted and hygienically maintained separate lavatories and clean drinking-water facilities for boys and girls.
  • Cross-ventilated with naturally-lit big Classrooms.
  • Grand library with books on almost all subjects of interest.
  • Science Labs with all required paraphernalia for physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Hi-tech Computer Lab with latest computer and software.



We understand the importance of the environment of learning. A happy classroom breeds happy children, and to this end, classrooms at our school will be large, bright, technologically well equipped and cheerful. The school will have a well-equipped science room for experiments and activities for the junior classes. The senior school shall have separate laboratories for different science subjects. Adequate computer and language laboratories will also be provided. They shall be spacious and equipped with all the necessary gadgets and equipment of the highest standards.

The school library is the hub of knowledge seekers. The library at our school shall be well-stocked. The library shall contain an encyclopedia, dictionaries, general interest books, fiction, classics, comics, magazines, journals, videos, CDs, films, music and documentaries. The use of the library is made meaningful, fun and interesting for the child through the organization of various book-related activities. The serene and cosy ambience of the library is a retreat for all students to read the research or simply browse through the enormous collection. At our school, we shall aim to bring back the joys of reading.


Library helps teachers to update and students to reinforce through additional reading. We have a spacious, library consisting books for various age groups. In addition to this all the leading news papers, journals and periodicals will be available in library to keep children and teachers well informed.

Internet Facilities:

Our computer lab is equipped with high speed internet access to ensure free of cost internet for all our students. This will ensure that student have access to vast resources available on internet.

Multimedia Hall:

School has a provision for multipurpose Multi-media hall for audio/visual presentations. Hall is equipped with LCD projector and LCD screen.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math’s, Language, Computer and other labs are fully equipped to cater the needs to enable the students to perform activities to learn concept by doing

Other Infrastructure:

The school have state of art facilities for Dance and Music, Art and Craft, Nursery activity hall, Indoor games facilities etc.


All our classrooms are designed according to Vastu. And proper attention has been provided to acoustics, illumination, ventilation and sitting/orientation in every classroom.


We have provision for numerous facilities for games, sports and physical activities in the school with highly trained faculties: