Admission Procedure

Step 1: Registration

You may register for the test by making a payment of Registration fee of Rs 500 in one of the following ways:

  • Cash Payment
  • Online transfer or bank deposit- This should be followed by an e-mail with the transaction details.
    Account Number-
  • After Payment the Registration form is to be downloaded and duly filled registration form is to be sent to [email protected]

Step 2: Entrance Test
  • Please contact the School Office to confirm the date for entrance exams.
  • An online test can be arranged for students residing outside Indore upon written request of the parent.
  • Admission is granted on the basis of performance in our Entrance Test, the Previous Year’s Result and interview by our Principal.

Step 3: Confirmation of Admission
  • Once the admission is offered to a candidate, it may be confirmed by depositing the admission fee (Non Refundable) of Rs. 5000 in the school office.
  • All admissions to Class XI will be provisional till the Class X results are declared.
  • Admission fee can be exempted as a sibling benefit (Subject to the approval from the higher authorities)

Step 4: Note
  • Refer the detailed fee structure for further information.
  • The other applicable fee is to be paid in three instalments on the following dates of every academic session:
    10th April
    10th September
    10th December

For Any Further Queries, Kindly Contact

Phone: +91 96445-11132, +91 96445-11103
Email: [email protected]