Extra-Curricular Activities

The School guides its students into a world of opportunity with the confidence born of achievement in the range of activities open to them.

They are encouraged to enjoy the excitement of learning and the adventure of a wide span of leisure and service activities.

Every student is encouraged to recognize the importance of physical exercise in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Yoga, Aerobics, PT, are some of the activities offered at The School. All students earn Essential Skills through activities such as Music, Dance, Drama and Role-play, First-aid, Arts, Art and Craft, Reading and Community Service. Weekend activities are organized through various clubs for fine Arts, Gardening, Mathematics, Science, Quiz, School Newsletter, Pottery, and Conservation etc. The schedule also allows ample free time for the children to engage in other recreational avenues and hobbies of their choice.

House System: School has its own house system. Inter-house competitions are organized throughout the year which provides opportunities to a student in showcasing developing their various talents, team spirit, teamwork and cooperation.

Annual Function: School organizes annual function once a year on the school campus.

Stage Performance: School has a permanent stage, which is being used for daily assembly and various functions in the school. Every student is encouraged to participate in stage activities that help improve the confidence and overall personality of the student.

Public Speaking: Public Speaking skills has been known to be very effective in developing confidence, self-belief, oratory, leadership and quick thinking skills along with eliminating anxiety and shyness. We strive to develop excellent public speaking skills in every student.

Extra Curricular and Hobby Clubs: We have dedicated clubs to develop specific talents in students like debates, drawing and painting, music, trekking, photography, dance, singing, writing etc. Most of these clubs are managed by students enabling them to develop leadership skills.

Coaching for Various Competitive exams: We also provide free of cost guidance to all our students for various competitive examination. Students shall be motivated to appear in the exams like subject Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE, JEE, NEET etc.

Staff Training: To make teachers effective in their profession, We have an extensive program to train teachers on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest change in technology, teaching methodologies Our teachers are encouraged to attend the various national and international seminars to keep abreast with latest changes in the field of education.

Skill development workshop: An independent well-equipped workshop will be made available in the school to develop the skill of the student which can be used in life after school. Trained professional on a part-time basis will be hired on regular basis to develop the talents of the students.

Essential Skills

Music: Music at our school is a soul enriching activity. Every pupil is encouraged to play at least one musical instrument or take singing lessons or music appreciation classes. Students are taken to concerts as a learning experience.

Art: A well-equipped Art Room at our school develops confidence of the students and skills in areas such as drawing, painting, pottery, model making and sculpture. School holds art appreciation workshops for the students and staff at regular intervals.

Theatre & Drama: Students are exposed to all aspects of theatre, which includes lighting, production, stage design and costumes, through workshops conducted by experts.

First Aid: Every Student is given working knowledge of first aid, with, credit being given to those who are found applying their knowledge to daily situations.

Clubs: Clubs play an important role in life at our school. Each student is expected to be a member of at least one club. Outstanding performances displayed by members of respective hobby clubs are given recognition, encouragement and rewarded appropriately.

  • Book Reading
  • Gardening
  • Creative Craft
  • Philately
  • Bird Watching
  • Carpentry
  • Quiz
  • Math
  • Conservation

Movies, visits to places of interest, concerts, city visits, picnics, treks, campfires and excursions add variety to the regular routine.

Sports & Recreation: The School is committed to the development of a healthy individual and encourages a proper balance of work and play. The school’s splendid environs support this need. A well-equipped sports department, with excellent facilities, conducts several competitive and recreational activities. Qualified and competent instructors manage the sports department & different games.

Technology Integration: This is a key focus area in all aspects of life at The School. Apart from an advanced computer resource lab for academics, networked computer stations (offering Internet connectivity) are placed on the campus.