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A fact that the success of the life should be measured by knowledge and not by the wealth.

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Blogging as an Improvement Tool

Blogging can improve students’ writing skills and build their confidence as writers. By blogging, students can take ownership of their writing, become better observers of others’ writing, and develop a more immediate and powerful understanding of audience.

Blogs encourage experimenting and risk-taking, seriousness and play, and they foster an increased awareness of private and public writing. Blogging blends both the freeing aspect of short pieces that can be written in a relatively low-stakes environment with the sense of claiming one’s own voice and learning how to develop analysis and articulate ideas to a larger public. Guided by clear expectations of what is required in a class blog, students can see their writing develop over the course of the term.

We at Delhi Public Elementary School, the best CBSE School of Indore motivate our students to write blogs on recent topics helpful and fruitful the society and the best blog gets space on our school website.

Written By:
Mr. Yogesh Popat
Principal, DPES


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