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Importance of Discipline in Student’s life

We at Delhi Public Elementary School, Indore the best CBSE School of Indore teaches their Children discipline as a life skill.

Discipline plays a vital role in building a nation and greatly impacts children’s minds. It can be well understood by citing an example-

A team of experienced players often lose the match because of a lack of discipline in the team, but a disciplined team can win an impossible Match.

So now you will be able to understand this. Now let’s read out how it is helpful. The following are some of the most important points which explain the role of discipline in a student’s life:

  1. Being focused
  2. Self–control
  3. Lead a Stress–Free Environment
  4. Manage time
  5. Stay active
  6. Better Academic performance
  7. Set a Good example to others

Being focused: Discipline teaches students to be focused and motivated towards their studies as well as other fields of their life. The students with strong aims are more focused. If students do not stay disciplined so it becomes hard for them to stay focused on their studies. The magnificent way to stay motivated is by writing down all the study goals that you want to achieve in your life. Doing this, you will definitely stay motivated and achieving those goals in your life.

Self control: If the students are disciplined so they have more self-control. Students need self-control while talking with their teachers or elder people. So if they do not stay in the discipline they do not have self-control and this becomes unpleasant for them. Students have to use words carefully while talking with someone because of this they also build good relations with others.

Lead a stress–free environment: When a student stays disciplined, it’s easier for them to remain on top of things, i.e., their studies and personal lives. A well-disciplined person finds it easier to be happy because they do not face tension during exams or daily routine work. Staying disciplined helps them to study on time so that they are stress-free. Discipline helps in managing the work in a planned manner. Discipline also helps the students stay stress- free and also prevents them from falling into depression.

Manage time: If students follow the discipline in a better way than they can manage their time significantly. Good discipline helps students to do all the assignments on time instead of wasting it. If the students are not disciplined they waste all the precious time doing unnecessary things. Set the proper time table and do things according to that time table.

Stay active: Disciplined people, often stay healthy & active throughout the day. They know what is good & bad for them, which is a good time for doing a particular task. They do study, play, eat, sleep & wake up well on time, thus staying active the entire day. Hence, discipline encourages students to remain healthy, active & dynamic. It is useful for the development of the body as well as mind.

Better Academic Performance: Students who are disciplined tend to get much better scores & get more benefit from their classes as well. In a student life, discipline is very important for better education. Education becomes incomplete without learning discipline. Classroom discipline helps students to listen to the teacher well. There are various other advantages of being disciplined in life, i.e. coming to school on time, waking up early in the morning, have a bath and breakfast on time. Discipline in Education is very important for better education. A disciplined student can achieve success. Likewise, an undisciplined teacher cannot be an ideal teacher.

Set A good example for others: A disciplined student helps others to learn and sets an excellent example for others to follow. When the students stay in the discipline, they also encourage other students of their class to be disciplined as well. The other students only follow the students with discipline when they see any positive impact on the grades as well as other fields of their life.

This are my view on importance of discipline in a Student’s life. I think you all are now able to understand this. At last I would like to say that –
“Life without discipline is just like a ship without rudder.”

Written By:
Avani Jaiswal
Class IX
DPES, Indore


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